Koordinator of the BIG-project in straubing ist the head of equal opportunities office Hedi Werner. She has been working in the administration for over 30 years. The achievements of the decades, the lively networks and the many cooperations form the ground on which BIG can grow and prosper in Straubing.

From woman to woman – From culture to culture!

On March 13, 2014 a first event of BIG in Straung took place: awomen’s cultural event. The particularity of this event is that it was created by and with the BIG women! The circles of BIG’s social effects are expanding. For example, Muslim women have invited to their mosque and have spoken and exchanged very openly with the guests about their way of life, their culture, their religion and much more. Afterwards the Muslim women invited to the tearoom to continue the lively discussions. The corresponding newspaper article („How some eat pigs on Fridays“) about the event can be found here under  Presse. 

Since 2014 there is a regulary changing variety of exercise offers.

Contact Person

Frau Hedi Werner

Stadt Straubing
Soziales Rathaus

Am Platzl 31
94315 Straubing

Tel.: 09421/944-70451

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