Logo Gestalt Because of the closeness with regard to contents we want to use this page to introduce you to the project “GESTALT” which is aiming to prevent dementia though physical activity. 

Aims of GESTALT This study aimed to investigate if, and under which circumstances, GESTALT, an evidence-based physical activity program for dementia prevention, could be implemented into the daily routines of prevention providers. Additionally, the program was aiming to reach individuals (ages 65-75) at risk for dementia and increase and maintain their physical activity level. Intervention The GESTALT intervention included two accompanying modules: 1) an evidence-based exercise program and 2) a telephone support. DSCN1486Qualified physical activity instructors were trained to implement GESTALT and were given a written instructors manual. They then implemented the structured, six-month exercise program, which was divided into three areas: a) dance & move to music b) sports & games c) physical activity in daily routines – walking All areas included integration of cognitive, physiological, social and emotional stimuli.

    DSCN1563 Results  GESTALT was successfully implemented into the work of five prevention providers and was highly accepted by the participants. 60% of the participants were practicing additional physical activity at the time of follow-up (six month after the end of the intervention). There were improvements in cognitive performance with respect to short term and working memory.     Short movie about GESTALT project


Rütten, A., Abu-Omar, K., Niedermeier, M. & Schuster, M. (2011). Dementia Prevention by Physical Activity – Evidence and Outline of an Intervention Programme. In O. Dibelius & W. Maier (Eds.), Versorgungsforschung für demenziell erkrankte Menschen (pp. 82–92). Rütten, A., Abu-Omar, K., Niedermeier, M., Schuster, M., Bracher, B., Gelius, P. & Wiltfang, J. (2009). GESTALT – ein bewegungstherapeutisches Interventionskonzept gegen die Alzheimerkrankheit. Bewegungstherapie und Gesundheitssport, 25, 254– 261.

Contact and information Mrs. Andrea Wolff,  (research associate) Institute of  sport sience and sport Gebbertstraße 123 91058 Erlangen

GESTALT is supported by  Techniker_Krankenkasse GLB-Logo