BIG Kompetenzzentrum

Since 2011, the BIG center of competence operates together with BARMER GEK as a coordination center for national and international dissemination of the BIG approach. It is used for planning, implementation, evaluation and institutionalization movement-oriented health promotion for people in difficult situations, and women with an immigrant background. The BIG center of competence offers a broad range of services to policymakers and local public health practitioners.Services are provided to reach out to target groups and settings, such as long-term unemployed, worksite health promotion, senior citizens, children and adolescents. We support you in planning, implementing, and evaluating of local and target group adequate BIG activities. An important part of the work is a perfect fit for science-based consultation and training services for professionals who would like to implement the BIG approach in their settings. Services provided by the center of competence 1)    scientific consultation in implementation of the BIG approach 2)    consultation and training of practice partners 3)    applied research and practice-oriented evaluation Please contact us for further information!