The BIG Competence Center

The Competence Center is the contact partner for all questions related to BIG. The work of the competence centre is intended to ensure the quality of the implementation and evaluation of the BIG approach and to develop the BIG approach for new target groups and settings.
The offer of the BIG Competence Center includes

1. applied research and practice-oriented evaluation

2. education and training of providers from the field

3. advice to stakeholders and scientific monitoring of the implementation of BIG


Applied research

The BIG Competence Centre conducts research with the aim of extending the scope of the BIG approach and gaining knowledge in the field of participatory health research.

Conducting analyses in your setting:

Lifestyle analyses


Policy analyses

Continuation and intensification of research into the promotion of physical activity for people in difficult life situations and non-mobility sufferers:

Expansion of the BIG approach to other target groups

Intensifying research into participatory evaluation methods

Development of quantitative measurement tools for evidence base

Education & Training

The BIG Competence Centre’s training and further education offer is addressed to project sponsors, coordinators, moderators and trainers.
Our offer in this area includes:

Training of individuals and small groups in the approach of BIG

Training in the moderation of participative planning groups

Advanced training for trainers on the speziļ¬schen requirements of the BIG movement offers

Training in the independent implementation of participatory evaluation concepts


Consulting and project management

The BIG Competence Center offers consulting services for various movement-oriented projects with people in difficult life situations and thus supports the success of your projects.
Our consulting services include:

Support with the project conception

Scientific advice on the preparation of project proposals for your clients or sponsors

Organisation of workshops on specific topics

Advice and support in all phases of the project process as defined by you

Provision of experts for moderation and training

Evaluation – also of your already existing offers

Use of the Internet platform for public relations and networking

If you are interest and have questions, you can contact us.
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